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Leading by decision.

The branding agency that boosts your strategy, identity and experiences. An international agency that currently works in Barcelona, Madrid and Latin American companies. We manage your brand. We strengthen your relevance. We work alongside you.

In our eyes, brand development is key to compete in the market and to attract the best talent.
It is the best way to stand out on the shelf, convince users and align all processes around a
common idea. Of this we are sure, an uncertain environment calls for branding specialists who
can manage, propel and strengthen your company. Our advice: trust branding experts to
strengthen your brand, increase results and transform your organization.

Leading an organization. Transforming a sector. Changing the environment. These are
challenges that require solid and consistent action routes. They ask for new principles that will
release your brand’s full potential. Our main focus is to increase the value of your brand. Here
at Comuniza we create branding systems for deciders. We increase results, optimize resources,
and design the future. We evolve. The path towards your best version starts here. Let’s get

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Business Experience. Compete more. Compete better

Branding consultancy.

Competing requires planning.

As an independent branding consultancy, we boost our client’s market competitiveness through strategy, identity and innovation. We work alongside their top management teams in their decision making to make organizations more relevant and memorable. Our approach is unique and all-encompassing: it starts with their corporate promise and goes all the way to the point of contact experience that they provide. Our expertise has allowed us to work through complex challenges on more than 800 projects throughout the globe, spreading from Europe to Latin America. We are more than a consultancy. We are a business experience.

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Branding services.

Judgement-driven change.

First comes defining the scenario. Your organization has potential growth drivers but no mechanisms to activate them. This is where we come in. We give comprehensive solutions and put visions to action through solid judgement based on understanding, deciding and defining.We are propelled by the continuous search for improvement to increase value. We have worked across business fields, such as the finance, technology and energy sectors. Our experience is also multicultural, from Europe-born to Latin-America-born enterprises. We boost your brand development through strategy, identity and experiences. It all starts with a single step. Let’s walk together.

Our services
Branding experts.

Talent and experience. Intensity and determination.

Turning your threats into opportunities requires a team of specialists who are committed to your goals. That is where we come in. Our tally: 14,000+ hours, 800+ projects, 70 sectors and 10 years of difference-making. Our team: multidisciplinary profiles that merge precision and resolution. Our goal: giving results. Giving solutions.

Our team
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Innovation and branding.

New challenges. New methods. New horizons.

Asking the same questions leads to getting the same answers. A changing context means changing questions. Innovation is indispensable and it starts from within. We are constantly innovating in our working tools to improve our own processes and information gathering techniques. Our mindset: there is always a better way of doing things.

Our brand innovation
Branding projects.

No settling. Our next project is our best one.

Barcelona. Madrid. Europe. Latin America. The world. We understand and work within each client’s vision reach. For a global perspective, new markets and opportunities. For a local one, goal-result connection. Company size aside, be it 100, 1,000 or 100,000 employees, your organization needs solutions to grow, sustain and lead.

Our projects
800+ projects
70+ sectors
10+ years
10+ annual reports
100+ conferences
50+ annual workshops
“The fashion industry is one of the most demanding fields in the world. Comuniza worked with us to improve our strategic management with a motivating boost that helped us relaunch our brand.” General manager of an international fashion brand
“Working with Comuniza has been very easy. They understood the specificities of our product and put themselves in our shoes to communicate. We are thankful for the patience andempathy.” Manager of one of the most important tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.
“We needed to redefine ourselves to remain competitive. Comuniza gave us the tools to better explain ourselves and align our DNA with our company’s storytelling.” CEO of a technical product multinational
“We are lucky to work with Comuniza. Your active listening and organized diagnosis help us to guarantee our advance. Thanks to you I do not feel alone on the journey.” Brand Manager of a finance company
“Collaborating with Comuniza has brought us closer to the people. Together we have madeour communication closer, clearer and accessible to everyone. Thank you, Comuniza!” Head of Brand Experience of an energy company
Comuniza's agenda.

We are known for our words and our actions. Get to know us.

We are open to the world. Our projects appear in national media outlets. We organize workshops and additional training throughout the country. We share knowledge in conferences, forums and specialized magazines in the field. We showcase our perspective to foster progress in our sector. Bringing in a vision that will set companies in motion through branding. That is our goal.

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